Reflections about Pat Rohrer

Pat was a beautifully gifted pianist, accompanist, and musician. She played the piano with a nice touch. She was calm with no ego. Pat was supportive and helpful. She might suggest a song be sung perhaps a key higher or a key lower to better reflect the quality of the voice on particular phrase or note. She easily went into one key or another.

Years ago she accompanied our TAP Revue group which had many performances at many venues; she accompanied the entertainment at the former Alliance of Community Theatres annual banquets; and she was often the pianist for musicals at all four ACT groups as well as others. Everyone wanted Pat at the piano.  

With TAP Revue group rehearsals at her house, one would see a microphone and cassette tape player permanently at her piano to record a song so that the soloist or group could hear how they were singing or to record just the piano music so that you can rehearse at home with Pat’s music.

If I walked into a room where she was sitting at a piano, she probably would go right into “Send in the Clowns” or “Vanilla Ice Cream” or some other song that I often sang. 

Cute story of long ago: At a special ceremony at the Library of Congress where Pat was there to accompany me, she was asked to play the piano while the audience entered the Coolidge Auditorium. At the time for the ceremony to begin, the Librarian of Congress wasn’t there yet. I was asked to go to her and request that she to keep playing until he arrived. I walked onstage and whispered in her ear. She instinctively began playing “As Time Goes By.” Clever folks in the audience chuckled figuring out that someone (probably the Librarian) wasn’t there yet.

Pat will be missed for her talent, her kindness, and just being Pat. 

With affection,
Brenda Wesner