Improv Workshop


Date:  February 25, 2012


TIme:   Intro to Improv: 10-1,  Improv for Actors: 1:30-4:30


Cost: $15 for 1 session,  $25 for both sessions


Location: Theater on the run 3700 South Four Mile Run Drive Arlington, VA 


Teacher: Dunbar Dicks

Dunbar Dicks has been a teacher, director and performer of
improvisational theater for the past 11 years in Chicago. For the past
year he has be performing at sea with the famed Second City on the
Norwegian Cruise Lines. Other recent Second City credits include
Patrick Fitzgerald in Rob Blagojevich superstar. He has taught
improvisation, directing and comedy writing for the Second City, IO
Chicago (formerly Improv Olympic), and The Annoyance Theater. As a
performer and writer he has founded the sketch comedy groups
SKETCHCORE which the Chicago tribune heralded as "The Future of
Chicago Sketch Comedy" and The Good Time Hour winner of a Del Award
for Best Sketch Show. He has written and directed original plays and
musicals; including, the critically acclaims Flames and Blazes and
Space Future. Most recently he played Hamsterman in Chicago's longest
running musical Co-Ed Prison Sluts.

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Improvisation
Classes will cover the basics of improvisation. Individuals will be
eased into the process and idea of performing without a script, learn
how to say yes to a scene partner, develop trust and work together to
build a scene. They will work on the basics of creating a character
from scratch and begin to discover how to remain playful on stage or
in rehearsals keeping things more lively and fun for the scene
partner, the audience, and themselves. This class is perfect for those
with little stage experience who want more, or those who are scared of
not knowing what to say on stage, or those you have always been
curious about improvisation and would like to know more.

Improvisation for Actors
This class will focus on improvisation from the perspective of an
actor. We will cover the fundamentals of an improvisational scene,
creating characters with a real emotional life and how to use that to
discover truthful comedic moments.  Actors will learn simple
improvisational techniques used to free ones self up in a scene and
becoming more playful and fun. This class will be great for those who
have stage experience for whom the idea of improvisation is a little
scary, those who have had some improv experience and want to learn
more, or the experienced performer who has never improvised but really
wants to try.


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