Auditions FAQ

Upcoming auditions are posted on the audition page.   A particular show will often have its own guidance, but here are some tips to get you started:

I've never done Theater before...

The first thing to know is that The Arlington Players is a "No Experience Necessary" community theater company.  You do not need to have a long theater resume or even a theater resume at all to be in our shows.  We take pride in bring new faces and new talent into our organization, so give it a shot!

What if I don't get in?

We take pride in finding ways for new people to get involed, regardless of skill or theater experience.  That being said, requirements of performance and the size of the cast sometimes don't offer a lot of flexibility for our directors to cast large ensembles.  But fear not!  There is always room to help out and get involved in a show in other ways.  If you check the box next to "interested in other opportunities," our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you to chat about other needs that the show might have.  Trust us... there are tons!  The bottom line is: if you want to get involved, you can be.

Where am I going?

Auditions are usually held at the Theater On the Run facility, unless otherwise posted. Make sure to check the details underneath the title of the show above for exact information.

What do I need to prepare?

For dramas, some directors may want a monologue that fits the style of the show: a funny monologue for a comedy, an emotive monologue for a drama.  Don't pick a scene from the show you are auditioning for, and always read the exact instructions of the director that we will post above these FAQs.

For musicals, you need to prepare 16 bars of a song from a musical (not the one you are auditioning for).   You should also bring sheet music for the piano player that will accompany you, but please - no CDs, iPods, etc.   Wear loose clothing for dance and comfortable shoes. Each person will be given a chance to sing, read and/or dance as necessary, unless you have a request to the contrary.  The director may ask for a shorter or a longer segment of the song, so be comfortable starting in different places of the verse and chorus.  Of course, make sure to check the exact instructions posted above these FAQs.  

I'm kinda busy. Can I still audition?

Our lives and families and jobs are always important to us.  We know that adding a play or musical on top of that can be difficult.  That's why our rehearsal schedules tend to run over a longer period than many professional groups. This gives the director and staff the opportunity to adjust rehearsals around casting.  Just make sure that you provide ALL of your conflicts on your audition sheet.  It's okay to bring a calendar or planner with you to your audition.  Last minute changes to schedules can be very disruptive and burdensome to your cast and staff.

If your schedule is really tight, there might not be a way to make the rehearsal schedule work for you.  There are, however, dozens of other ways to get involved that might better suit you.  Make sure you reach out to for more information.

I can't make it to auditions, but I know I'm perfect for a part!

In the event an actor cannot attend regular auditions, they may audition at a pre-arranged time at the Director's discretion.  Reach out to the director, producer, or

I got a Call Back... now what?

You may be called to audition further; this is called a “Call Back”. It does not mean that you are cast or not cast, just that the Director would like to take another look at you. Not being called back does NOT mean that you are not cast in the show. Likewise, being called back does not mean you will be cast.

I'm in the show!  Awesome!

Please note that by auditioning, you are obligating yourself to a considerable rehearsal and performance process.  

What else should I know?

If after open auditions, the director believes that a particular role or roles cannot be satisfactorily cast; additional actors may be contacted for further auditions.

Being invited to audition, either directly or indirectly, does not guarantee you a role.

The Arlington Players strive to cast new faces and talent whenever possible, and we highly encourage anyone who is interested to audition. However, casting decisions as we all know are quite subjective and we recognize that not everyone will be happy with the final outcomes.

Hope to see you at auditions soon!