Direct with TAP


The Arlington Players (TAP) is currently accepting applications from directors for its 74th season! This year, we are slightly altering our formula for director selection to ensure that we put forth the best season possible.

For our 74th season, we are looking to put up three mainstage productions, including two musicals and one play.

Show Titles:

For our play, we are only accepting proposals for the following production

The Play That Goes Wrong

For our two musical slots, we are putting out an open call for musicals that meet the following specifications:

  • The show should appeal to multiple generations and diverse audience members.
  • The show cannot have been produced by TAP in the past ten years.
  • The show cannot have been produced in the Northern Virginia area in the past five years.
  • The show should be able to support a diverse cast.
  • The show should be artistically challenging and utilize many of our theater’s technical specifications (see below in the FAQs for a full list of technical specifications).
  • The show should allow your creativity and unique vision shine through.

Examples of shows for which we would like to see proposals include, but are not limited to:

  • Catch Me If You Can
  • Chicago
  • The Drowsy Chaperone
  • Evita
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • Mamma Mia
  • My Fair Lady

Please note that selection is based on rights availability and our ability to secure them during the time that you would like to direct the show.

What We’re Looking For:


Your proposal should outline your vision for the show and explain what you bring to the table as a director. At a minimum, it should include:

  • A high level overview of how you see the production through your lens as a director.
  • An outline of elements that you think are incredibly important, unique, or must-haves to your concept.
  • A breakdown of each technical element and its relation to your vision:
    • Set (e.g., design, colors, functionality, dressing, etc.)
    • Lights
    • Sound
    • Costumes
    • Hair/Makeup
    • Props
    • Any additional elements (e.g., projections, special effects)
  • A statement on your show’s budget. Based on your vision, we’d like to know your thoughts on where you think the money will go. You can find a typical TAP budget here. You do not need to give us exact numbers; a statement to the effect of “This show will not need as much money put to set for these reasons, but I think costuming will need more money because of these other reasons” will suffice.
  • Any casting notes that you feel would be helpful for the show.
  • Any specific challenges or considerations that you have thought through.

If you are putting in for the open call: At the top of your proposal, please outline the following:

  • Show title
  • Number of named roles with gender breakdown (e.g., 10 roles, 4m/6f)
  • Approximate ensemble numbers
  • Casting specifications (e.g., age range)

You are welcome to include more information if you’d like, such as imagery that speaks to your vision of the show, additional notes, or videos of previous work. Though not required, we appreciate any additional information that assists us in understanding your work or vision.

TAP held a director proposal workshop with former TAP director Michael Kharfen on Sept. 29 of last year. If you’d like to hear the tips and tricks from that workshop, you can watch the recording at the link below.

Access the recording here!

Theatrical Resume:

Your resume should highlight key productions and roles that you have gained through your theater experience. It should also include two to three references who have worked with you on other productions who can speak to your work with their contact information. We ask for these references in order to get a full, rounded view of your experiences in theater, which is helpful for us in choosing our directors.

How You’ll be Evaluated:

You will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Your vision is clear, concise, and paints a full picture of what you want to put on stage
  • Your vision is artistically challenging and brings something new or exciting to our stage
  • Your vision makes full use of our large theater space and technical capabilities (see the FAQs for more information on our theater and tech specifications)
  • Your vision is cost effective and you understand where you will spend your budget
  • Your resume speaks to your director capabilities and technical understanding
  • Your excitement for the show is palpable on paper and in person
  • Your experiences and proposal demonstrate professionalism and consistency

If you are proposing a musical: The show proposed should:

  • Appeal to multiple generations and diverse audience members
  • Not have been produced in the Northern Virginia area in the past five years
  • Support a diverse cast

Timeline for Selection:

  • Sunday, October 15 at 11:59pm: Applications close
  • Saturday, October 28, 11a-3p: Director interview block
  • Monday, October 30, 7-10p: Director interview block
  • Tuesday, November 14: TAP Board confirms final selection
  • Friday, November 17: All applicants are notified of their status

Ready to Apply?

If you’re interested in applying to direct in our 74th season, please fill out the application form by Sunday, Oct. 15.

The form will ask you for the following:

  • Demographic information (e.g., name, email)
  • Show you’re proposing for. You are able to apply for as many shows as you want, but each show will require a separate submission. If you are proposing a musical, please use the “other” fill-in to tell us your musical title.
  • When you are free to direct. As of now, we believe the Fall show goes up in September/October 2024, the Winter show goes up in January/February 2025, and the Spring show goes up between March and May 2025.
  • A theatrical resume and proposal for the show.
  • Interest in being an assistant director if not selected.


If you have any questions about the process, proposals, or anything related to season selection, please reach out to Alden Michels via email at


What is your theater capable of for technical elements?

A full list of technical specifications can be found in this PDF document. The theater is 48’ from proscenium wall to proscenium wall, 16’ from floor to a dead hung teaser, and 25' from the plaster line to cyc. We also have access to a track system. In short, our “home theater” at Thomas Jefferson has a large stage and many technical capabilities that you won’t find in many other community theaters in the area!

Do I have to have prior community theater experience in order to apply?

You must have some sort of director experience to apply, but there is no restriction on what that experience is - maybe you did a huge musical at your college theater, you’ve directed a few one acts, you’ve assistant directed a few plays at other theaters, or you have 20+ years of experience as a director in the Northern Virginia theater scene. As long as you have something on your resume to show that you can do the job, that’s all we care about!

What is TAP’s stance on diversity in relation to its director selection process?

Previously, we requested that applicants make a statement in their proposal about diverse casting or what their stance is. At this time, we are not requesting a statement, because if you are selected as a TAP director, you must be open to diverse casting and are expected by the TAP board to cast diversely when able. This means that biological families don’t have to look the same, historical figures do not need to be portrayed by someone with a similar “look”, etc. The only exception to this rule is if the script calls for a character with specific features because it is critical to the plot of the show (e.g., Hairspray).

Do I need to have a production team lined up before I apply?

While having a creative team in mind is somewhat preferred, it is not required. If you are selected to direct, the TAP board can help you fill open positions.

When will I be notified if I have an interview?

Interview requests will go out on Wednesday, October 25. We have two interview blocks available: Saturday, Oct. 28 from 11a-3:30 pm and Monday, Oct. 30 from 7-10 pm. Though we would love to talk to all directors, we may not be able to interview all applicants. Please note that just because you are not selected for an interview does not inherently mean that you have not been selected; it may be that your proposal gave us everything we need to know and does not need a follow up with an interview. Regardless of an interview, you will be notified of your selection status by Friday, November 17.

Can I apply for multiple shows?

You can apply for as many shows as you’d like. If you’re selected for an interview, we will tell you which show(s) we would like to hear more about. Each show requires a separate application for directing.

Does TAP pay its directors or offer stipends for its creative team?

Tap provides a stipend for certain members of the creative team. Producers, Directors, Stage Managers, Music Directors, and Choreographers will receive a $300 stipend, and Fight/Intimacy Coordinators will receive a $150 stipend. Should multiple individuals serve in one role, the allocated stipend will be divided equally among those individuals. Should an individual serve in multiple roles, they will be issued a single stipend equal to the greatest of the stipends allocated to their roles. All stipends will be issued following the close of the show in question and no longer than 30 days thereafter.